Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Genius I.Q. and The Great Unknown

Julie has collected a lot of Einstein quotes, but why stop there?

All seriousness aside (as Steve Allen used to say), it's a bit of a surprise that Einstein didn't go the cryogenic route. After all, whose head is better off frozen and possibly thawed one day, his dome, or Ted Williams?

I was told that my I.Q. test ranks me in the 98th percentile of the country.

It's a bit depressing to think there are six million people smarter than me in America. It's six million isn't it? What percentage voted for Trump?

I'm not sure I counted right. You can be close to a genius and still have problems with math. You can also be a genius and not be able to play a Chopin etude. Or paint.

Julie can play a Chopin etude. She can paint. She is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. Did Einstein play the piano and paint? Or get a Tony Award while speaking in a Swedish accent and wearing nothing but a towel?

I only know one anecdote about Einstein, and it was told to me by my good friend Theodore Gottlieb. He performed on stage and in films as "Brother Theodore."

Theodore managed to get out of Dachau and make his way to America thanks to Einstein, who was a family friend.

Theodore's anecdote:

Einstein was at a party in New Jersey, and it was filled with the usual guests who wanted to get their chance to meet The Great Man. Some offered compliments, but one grand dame shook his hand, and said, "Oh Professor Einstein, please answer a question for me. Is there life after death?"

Einstein said, "How the hell should I know?"

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Think About This, Genius: Julie Can Be More Important than Your Friends

If you're on social media, you've seen MEMES. Tons of them. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. People can't stop sending you memes.

Email? You get tons of self-help articles, lists of advice and rules to live by. This is why Weird Al Yankovic wrote a song called: "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me."

There are exceptions when it comes to good advice.

You might remember a TV ad campaign from a famous brokerage company: "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen."

When Julie Newmar posts on Facebook...PEOPLE LISTEN!

Does that surprise you, Genius? It shouldn't. Her IQ is up there with Einstein, and she's written a book of advice. She just happens to think some of Einstein's comments are pretty good too.

Or as Curly Howard once put it: "Listen and ya just might learn something!"

For some people, Julie is far more influential than Mom, Sister, Brother, or any number of social media friends.

Somebody else sends a list of quotes and would get "why did you do that?" Along with: "And what's with posing with a fish bowl?"

It's a whole different thing when Julie Newmar does it.

Remarkable, isn't it?

No wonder she instantly racks up the joyous comments.

Not to mention the ex-crack addict who responded with a photograph of food. YUM!

A random half-dozen responses:

Follow Julie on Facebook. All you need to do is register. That's not too difficult, Einstein.


Some stars are notorious for being "head down" signers at memorabilia shows and book signings.

As one of our bright young politicians might phrase it, "It's all about the Benjamins."

Some stars, especially women, don't want people coming around behind the table for selfies or smoochies.

Not so with Julie.

All over the Internet fans have posted their touching (and kissing) moments with Julie.

The Impossible Dream? No, no, sometimes you can reach the unreachable star!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Me Too! ME-TV Jumps at the chance for Julie Newmar click-bait!

It's ALL good...if it involves Julie Newmar.

As websites fight for ad dollars and desperately need to point to "traffic," there's been a cluttery influx of "click bait" all over the Internet. Everywhere you go, there are sidebars and pop ups and offers to "GO HERE!" "CHECK THIS OUT!"

How does a website like METV get traffic? You know what they've got by checking the FREE TV listings on the Net! The answer is trivia contests and "THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW" posts.

Here's some things they think YOU don't know about JULIE NEWMAR. How many did you really not know? A true Julie fan should at least know most of these....

Is everything you didn't know actually true? Well...they're not too far off.

For one example, "My Living Doll" was not lost in an earthquake. According to expert research from Peter Greenwood (who put together the 2 DVD set you own) there's no evidence the show was lost by any natural disaster, or a fire. More likely, it's still around, just lost due to bad filing and bureaucratic apathy. Peter was denied access to the mammoth vaults and the "powers that be" simply wouldn't take the time to go through all the film cans still unsorted or ones that could be mis-labeled. It's a common problem with film, video tapes and record masters.

"My Living Doll" should exist in both 16mm and 35mm prints, and these were original stored in at least two different production facilities, one on either coast. Many DVD sets of older shows, including "Have Gun Will Travel," were cobbled together from both 16mm and 35mm sources. There's still hope that prints of the missing episodes will turn up in a garage, in an estate sale, or even overseas. Australia broadcast the show and in those days network feed was not usually the case: TV stations were sent 16mm prints to run at whatever local time slot they felt was best. It'll be a G'day if somebody down under surfaces with the lost shows...

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Julie's birthday party, and Moore!

They used to be invited to Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion parties together. Hef was a connoisseur of beauty! And they're as eye-catching as ever. That's Terry Moore at Julie's 86th Birthday party.

Photo by Juan Bastos. Yes, Julie does know a nice photographer, and he didn't ask them to disrobe. (Oh, some of you are disappointed about that??) If you're wondering if there was another luminary at the party, yes: Julie's brother John, always the brightest guy in the room.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The L.A. Times visits Julie's Garden - See the VIDEO

Come along with the L.A. Times and visit Julie in her garden:


To see the video, click the words above, NOT the image below.

The article turned up a few days after Julie's 86th birthday. What a NICE GIFT!!

The announcement that Los Angeles-area fans could buy a copy of the paper and read an interview with Julie brought a lot of comments to Facebook, as did the photo of 86 year-old Julie and her 38 year-old son John.

Julie generally doesn't comment on the worshipful compliments, the attempted jokes, the one-word ejaculations of shock and awe, or: "how do I get invited to the garden," "John is so adorable," "MEOW" etc. That doesn't mean that they aren't appreciated. Some comments do get a "like," and unlike almost all the other stars who use Facebook, if somebody does have an interesting question, it'll get an answer. But if someone posts a meme or a Batman '66 image, it's the thought that counts. That stuff is always good.

No question, "you were the best Catwoman" and courtly salutations ("my lady") and "marry me" never get old. Same with the requests to get a photo signed "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar" (so it can be sold on eBay?)

Some of the recent comments are below, chosen at random. Consider them "winners," and the prize is being listed. Consolation prizes for others will include a year's supply of Turtle Wax, or a box of Rice-a-Roni the San Francisco Treat.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Catwoman Helps Catch a Charity FRAUD

Can CATWOMAN be on the side of GOOD?

Let's put it this way. Pussyfooting around grabbing museum art is one thing...cheating the average citizen is another! Julie is one of thousands of performers who have a VeRO (verified rights owner) rep on eBay. This is someone who is authorized to stop forgers and fraudsters posting unauthorized and unlicensed merchandise.

ALL stars should have a VeRO rep, because if they love their fans, they shouldn't let criminals cheat them with shoddy items that will fall apart, Photoshop fake nudes, or worthless forgeries. Ebay is "just a venue" and they don't know who is faking autographs and images. They don't know which sellers are PREDATORS, CAREER CRIMINALS, and devious FRAUDS. Ebay's "risk management" team only acts if they smell a rat.

To do that, they need a VeRO rep to say: "I smell a rat...I'm stopping this let's check on whether this person should be suspended..."

Here's the CASE OF THE PHONY CHARITY. What could be more despicable than to run auctions, PRETEND the money is going to a CHARITY, and then keeping it FOR YOURSELF?

Here's somebody selling dupe photos. There are too many of these on eBay. The problem is their dupe photos are prone to yellow and fade. Being dupes, they are worthless. These images take money away from the legit sellers who have original movie stills for sale. Some of these sellers are criminals who have found that counterfeiting photos is easier than xeroxing ten dollar bills. They also don't mind selling Photoshop fake nudes either. Or "reprint" of autographed pictures.

Innocent fans think that everything on eBay must be legit. Even reprints of autographed pictures. Even fake nudes. The latter is especially dangerous, as fans assume if a star has posed nude, she must be "easy," and this can trigger stalking and worse. The idiot who buys a fake nude and thinks it's real can be more of a problem than the grifter who sells it!

If eBay gets a few VeRO complaints from several stars, the seller gets suspended. Too often, not enough star-reps file, or don't file quickly, and a seller can stay on for months if not years. In this case, the VeRO rep noticed something about the seller. To "sweeten" and "entice" bidders, he claimed that ALL PROFITS were going to CHARITY.

How...LOW...does it GO?

The VeRO rep did what eBay does not do: INVESTIGATE. The rep found there was NO registered charity by that name. The VeRO rep took the time to find out who was behind the account. It turned out to be a con artist running a cheap hotel that had gotten many a negative review. He was augmenting his income from hapless tourists by grinding photos through a printer, using photo paper.

What about that line, "We provide support for those in the entertainment industry?" That was just line. There was NO website for this "charity," no FACEBOOK account, no pictures of celebrities posing with this account owner, no write-ups in newspapers. How about the line about supporting "people suffering in the public eye" by giving them "accomodation at our private retreat?" (The correct spelling is accommodation, by the way).

This weasel-twist meant that, if caught, he could claim that he was giving needy people rooms at his cheap and shoddy hotel. And that any person booking a room might be "suffering in the public eye," right? Did he say he gave them "accomodation" for free? Did he say his "private retreat" was actually on a cruddy side-street in a second-rate town?

Fortunately, SOME VeRO reps do investigate situations like this. They don't say "Fine, I caught you robbing my house, now on your way." They want to make sure the creep doesn't rob a neighboring house either. They may even call a few neighbors and warn them to be on the look-out." That's what happened here. This seller got SEVERAL complaints via DMCA, which included all the details exposing this seller as not merely somebody who counterfeits, but a sociopathic liar and sex pervert. END of seller on eBay.

It might seem that eBay sellers who make magnets, t-shirts, and dupe photos using a star's image are harmless. No, this isn't a victimless crime, and unlike the Catwoman's antics on "Batman," the crimes aren't committed against rich bankers or dizzy socialites with too many jewels to wear. The bootlegging means that quality licensed merchandise might not be made due to competition. It might mean fans are swindled by forgeries, and stars risk serious harm when their Photoshop fake-nudes are sold...especially by forgers who have the nerve to add autographs!

Yes, Julie and the rest have not only been victimized by fake nudes but added forgeries to pump up the sale price. Usually they prey on the newest stars for maximum bang for the buck. A recently suspended seller had a forged fake Scarlet Johansson image, among others. The image is censored here, but it wasn't censored when it ran on eBay:

Yes, like so many fraudsters, this seller boasted that his fake nude image with the forged signature was AUTHENTIC. He implied that Scarlet not only poses naked, but autographs such images and welcomes attention like this. The infamous "COA" (certificate of authenticity) was, of course, not worth the paper IT was printed on.

The seller had a thriving business exploiting young stars, and even NEGATIVES complaining about the fraud did no good. Here are some of those negatives:

The seller was pocking $50 and even $250 from finding a Photoshop fake on the Internet (or making one himself) and then forging a signature, or isolating a real signature and running it through his printer on top of the photo.

Obviously, it took several concerned VeRO reps, contacting each other, and filing DMCA's to end this abuse. There wouldn't be more of it if all stars participated in the VeRO program on eBay. It's the same with movie piracy. If all movie companies were as tough as DISNEY, bootleggers would find some other illegal business for themselves.

The Catwoman engaged in humorous, over-the-top villainy and nobody got hurt. It's a bit different in real life!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Burt Ward's a Sidewalk Star

Congratulations to Burt Ward.

"My sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed to this great honor..."

Today "contributions" can be collected through GoFundMe. This could lead to Catwoman fans (both of Julie and Lee) to consider taking action!

"The Hollywood Walk of Fame" is ruled by money. Unlike the Tony Awards, for example (and Julie IS a Tony winner), nobody gets honored with a sidewalk star unless SOMEBODY PAYS FOR IT.

The price is about $40,000.

Usually the ceremony involves somebody who is active with a reality show, a quick show, a talk show...something ongoing that could use publicity. Instead of hiring an assistant for the show, pay that $40,000 to the board, and get the TMZ cameras and "Entertainment Tonight" paying attention! That's money well spent.

On principal alone, most retired stars aren't going to pay for their own honor. It reeks of subsidizing, and it's tacky. However, nominations for "The Hollywood Walk of Fame" must include a guarantee of payment, and that the star is going to show up. After all, the "Walk of Fame" people like publicity, too.

Fan clubs, Facebook groups...there are some enterprising people out there who run such things, and who might want to start a GOFUNDME, totally independent of the star. As in: "Let's raise the $40,000, and if we do, we can then submit our favorite star to the board!"

HOLY PAYOLA!?!?! But...the fault lies with how stars get into pavement, not with ourselves.

"Whatever Happened To Baby Tina?" Goth Grimness Could be Good

Some "Catwoman" fans, who appreciate the comedy of the "Batman" show, and who take happy snapshots with a seemingly joyous Julie at memorabilia shows, are surprised by the grim portraits taken of her over the past few years.

One fan gave a "What's going on? Is that a hairstyle or mayonaisse?" on the latest highly stylized portrait. "Is their method to the madness?"

There might be. First off, not many women would dare pose opposite a photo taken over 50 years earlier. The years have been kind. Yes, onne image is soft, inviting, and passionate, while the other is severe, stark and grim, but roles for senior citizen actresses rarely involve sex appeal. Look at what Bette Davis did in her later years. So this type of photo serves as a reminder to casting directors that Julie could be hired for drama.

The black backgrounds are a trademark, apparently, underlining the last name of the photographer involved. The fact is, the happy "Batman" fan world is shrinking, but the gay and drag communities are not. Ever since "To Wong Foo," Julie's fan base has attracted more and more gays and drag queens.

At the same time, gay icons have disappeared; Judy Garland, Margaret Hamilton, Joan Crawford, Carol Channing. It's a perfect opportunity for Julie Newmar, who has been in Gay Pride parades with her brother, and recently endorsed the only gay candidate for President, "Mayor Pete."

While Julie's forte has been comedy in the past, she recently voiced a character in the revived "Dark Shadows" radio soap opera. Face it, "The Good Witch" (Billie Burke) is not nearly as popular as the "Wicked Witch" (Margaret Hamilton). Gays who chortle over Joan Crawford in "Strait Jacket," Tallulah Bankhead in "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte," and the formidable Bette Davis in "The Anniversary," would LOVE to see Julie as a scary mommy. Women ARE scary, aren't they? That's why drag is so often spooky looking, and why gay icons are either bizarrely campy (Channing) or androgynous (Garland) or have a delicious secret sadism as a "Mommy Dearest" (Crawford).

The picture of grim goth Julie with her fingers poking into her chin is the "official" portrait of her at IMDB, not a cheerful Catwoman shot, or anything from hetero hero photographers such as Peter Basch or Peter Gowland. So, with that image in mind...

How about a revival of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," featuring grim, goth helpless heroine Julie Newmar, and the evil and temper-tempestuous Tina Louise?

It's a gay dream come true.

The line in front of the theater would be huge, with drag queens, gays and quite a few Goth boys and girls (junior Asrael Abyss wanna-be's and Circe Nightshade clones).

All it needs is a script by John Waters, and, hey, he could direct it, too. ANYBODY but Mardi Rustam. (The last time he worked with Julie and Tina? "Evils of the Night." Ooof!)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Roberta Haynes, John Engstead and an NYPL Catwoman Pie Chart

Roberta Haynes died a few days ago, at 91.

You may have only vaguely heard of her, as several of her prime years were missing due to blindness caused by a special effects movie set accident. Fortunately, her loss of sight was not permanent.

Like many glamorous ladies of the 50's, including Julie, she was a favorite of photographer John Engstead. Here's one of his images of her:

John Engstead took some great pictures of Julie, and when Julie and I visited the Lincoln Center Library, we saw quite a few. Below, you'll see a John Engstead photo, top left.

Jeremy Megraw is the Photograph Librarian at the Lincoln Center Library (aka the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center). A few years ago, he posted a blog asking readers to VOTE for their favorite Catwoman. The images above come from that post. He had choice pix of other women who played Catwoman, too.

The delicious pie chart of results: