Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Birthday 36 - And a Great Time Was Had by All

February 21st was the 36th birthday for Julie's son John Jewl Smith.

As usual, it was held at UCP a facility loaded with others who could also share in the festivities. It was, in Julie's words, "our Everybody's Handicapped Club." There was a kiddie magician, one of those guys who blows bubbles, makes zany faces, and does miming. At one point he walked around wearing a Mummenschanz bit of tubing, pretending to be a giant Muppet-worm. Watch out, the thing is gonna lean over and swallow you!

It took about two months of post-production by the clever Gene Hamm, to add appropriate music and get it uploaded to YouTube, but it's worth the wait. Just go to Julie's YouTube page or type in John's Birthday 2017.

Among the highlights...

Once again thanks to the "audacious talents" of Gene Hamm (Julie's phrase). And thanks to all the Facebookers who call attention to themselves with their sincere compliments about John and Julie.

Special mention to Robert Humphries:

"I had the great pleasure in meeting you and your son...your an inspiration for humanity in every sense of the word! Very humbling experience, Julie Newmar! X!"

and Herchel Sawyer:

"Dearest Julie...Thank you...for sharing this thing with us. You have unselfishly paid the full price for a priceless Son. Some of us have an inkling of the fine, fine work, and Mothering you've done...I do pray that John Jewl had a super-fabulous Birthday!!!!"

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Photo Fun

First off, no, that is NOT a "bondage" image on the front page of Julie's website.

Her hands are NOT tied behind her back. The idea that the photographer has any desire to see a woman in bondage is absurd.

Likewise this isn't a Venus de Milo homage, and it's quite accidental that she looks like she has no hands at all.

While most of Julie's vintage photographers liked the idea of Julie's arms being around them, or at least in sight, just enjoy the Mona Lisa aspect of it. We're used to seeing Julie looking smiling and positive, and here's something enigmatic, with a touch of mystery.

As we say at Facebook, if you don't have anything positive to say, shut up. Constructive criticism is, well, destructive.

Something like that.

There's no doubt about the upbeat message of the latest item available at the website: flower-child GREETING CARDS.

It's a set of Photoshop jobs that accentuate the fact that Julie is blooming well the most beautiful work of art on the planet.

You'll find ordering info in the CARDS link on the top of the website.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ebay Forgery: It Happens

Be careful when buying autographed photos.

Thanks to today's technology, forgery is easier than ever. It used to require some skill and a steady hand to duplicate a signature, but thanks to autopens and Photoshop, more and more con artists are tricking people into buying FAKES.

Case in point, this recent item on eBay.

Julie fans might instantly have noticed that this is a Photoshop fake. It's Julie as Catwoman stuck on the body of some kind of half-naked dominatrix with a thick waste and rather stumpy legs. The con artist's idea: offer an autograph on a photo a fan definitely doesn't have already.

This seller also offered fake images of Emma Watson, Jennifer Aniston and Ariana Grande. So Julie was in good company. The seller also had unlikely rarities like a photo of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston autographed by both of them.

Giddy fans are pretty trusting. All they need to see is the magic phrase "Certificate of Authenticity." All this means is that somebody paid $20 for a website domain, and like a "fake news" site, put up false credentials about being an "expert." It might mean even less, and it's just a piece of paper signed by somebody claiming to be an "expert," and having no website or even a post office address.

Old-fashioned forgers would practice a signature and it would take a very trained eye to tell the difference. Forgers who use an auto-pen that traces a real signature and then duplicates it on any piece of paper, are hider to catch. You need to compare signatures and see that they match up on EVERY photo of that celebrity that the forger is selling. Thanks to Photoshop, it's easy to seize a real autograph, and superimpose it on a photo. What gives this away, if you look for it, is that the ink of the signature is no different from the ink of the print-out photo.

Some unscrupulous eBay sellers simply offer a copy of a signed photo, neglect to say it's a "pre-print" or a copy made from an original, and sell it as if it was the real thing. How many bidders, suspending disbelief, never bother to truly examine the photo that they lovingly frame and put on the wall, or simply obsessively stick into a looseleaf binder as an addition to "the collection?"

In the old days, con artists would just concentrate on a signature, but with new technology available, they can add something extra. In this case, the con artist stole an existing autograph that include Julie's added word "Fondly." The con artist could've found one with another common Julie phrase added, "You're purrrrfect," because it's perfectly easy to Photoshop as many words off an autographed photo as possible, and then superimpose them on something else.

Caveat emptor. (No, that doesn't mean Dick Caveat is hungry.)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Saatchiart.com Julie Photoshop Pictures Still Available

Kudos to all the clever Facebookers who leave their witty comments for Julie.

It’s nice that they take time from their busy, busy days to do that. Special kudos to the clever Dan Curley, who often leaves several clever comments on the same post!

Here’s a post about Julie’s Photoshop jobs which can be bought at SAATCHIart.com, which is called “the world’s leading art gallery.” They are quite exclusive. Not everybody can have their art work displayed there. You have to register first.

The Limited Edition Photoshop jobs (a vintage picture of Julie overlayed with flowers) are about $2.000, and are signed.

Surely all the fine people who left such clever comments have bought these. There are still a few copies available, so visit the site. Meanwhile, thanks again for the clever comments.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The CAT IS A...Competition Winners

Facebook is where Julie entertains with clever contests.

(However, NO prize and...NO wagering, please!)

If you don't get Facebook (people are regularly being thrown off or blocked for expressing an opinion), here are Julie's choices for the best responses

Fill in the blank: DOGS make people happy, CATS...

Thanks to ALL the clever responses.

Note that one of the truly clever contest winners is from Robert Risko, a favorite illustrator at Vanity Fair, which is one of the cleverest of magazines. Robert is the one who has done those humorous and flattering portraits of Julie. He captures the warmth and joy of Julie as "Catwoman."

Not every star on Facebook even posts too often or is willing to play games. Some only announce a memorabilia signing or some other item involving financial gain. Not on Julie's Facebook page.

Bookmark it. You do have to register with Facebook to see the page.

And special thanks to Dan Curley, who always calls attention with a fervent bit of enthusiasm, no matter what the topic.

Dan's clever responses don't go unnoticed. Keep them coming. Reading comments on the Facebook page provides hours and hours of entertainment for all.


February 21st at the UCP facilities on L.A., Julie's son John Jewl will be celebrating his 36th birthday.

Yes, there will be a clown! Or is he a mime? Looks like Mr. Nick is both.

Chances are that highlights will be posted on YouTube, as no doubt Clever Gene Hamm will bring a camcorder.

If you don't know Gene Hamm, Julie's choice of word says it all. Clever! One of these days he'll get the Disney assignment as animator, cinematographer or who knows, director, that he dreams of.

You can see highlights of previous parties via YouTube, including this one, where John and the gang watch a mime WALKING AGAINST THE WIND.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Then there's Facebook

If you check FACEBOOK for some of the Sweethearts of 60's TV, who were in my book of that title, you won't see them. Or much of them. Dawn Wells posts rarely, if there's a TV appearance or memorabilia show. Her "friends" list is private. Barbara Feldon barely bothers with Facebook at all, and years can go by without a post. Barbara Eden's official page doesn't have a "friends" list either, and posts happy pictures of what she's up to. This includes photos of herself with vintage celebrity friends like Jerry Mothers, or a photo of herself reading Tippi Hedren's book. No pix of ordinary people wanting her to promote their drawings, photos or products. Tina Louise likewise has no "friends" list and doesn't interact with fanboys who leave comments. Her page gives people recent photos of herself and her daughter Caprice but keeps a good distance between herself and goofballs.

But you CAN find Julie on Facebook, answering even the silliest of questions, promoting the likes of Dita Von Teese, or Facebook friends such as Sean Black and Gene Hamm. Like Cher, she's not afraid to embrace the "gay icon" tag. While there are so many diseases that one acquires simply by heredity (CMT, Down Syndrome etc.) or by quirks nobody understands (cancer, Alzheimer's) Julie's charity is AIDS, the one disease that these days can be avoided by using condoms or not sharing needles. It's rare to acquire it from blood transfusions, as was apparently the case with Amanda Blake and Arthur Ashe.

So, while Newmar News is still around for professional news, memorabilia dates and posts of interesting YouTube items and other tributes, fans most certainly should check out the fabulous, fabulous world of FACEBOOK.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Ebay Auctions from the Hetero Days

What a Christmas surprise for Julie's red-blooded and Catwoman fans. Hyee Auctions has once again found more rare Don Ornitz images, both color chromes and 35mm black and white. They regularly put a few on eBay and watch the prices go up and up.

While today Julie's name seems to forever be preceded by "gay icon" and there's some mention of drag queens and the the freaky world of "fashion," this was unknown in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

Julie was photographed by men who wouldn't think of putting cobwebs on her face or putting her in funeral clothes. She showed off her legs and the pictures were bought by the top men's magazines of the day, not Fashion Fop Weekly.

Don Ornitz, like Peter Basch, Peter Gowland and Bernard of Hollywood, didn't hate women, have a mother issue, or try to make over beautiful women into Joan Crawford clones. A bathing suit. Lingerie. A gown that didn't have tinges of S&M, this was enough.

These are the enduring images that not only made Julie a star, but kept her a star. These images can fetch hundreds of dollars because what's behind them is life, love and sensuality, free from psychological symbolism and affectation. This is honest stuff. Ornitz, Basch, Gowland and the other vintage photographers were true professionals and always in demand by commercial magazines that were popular, not pompous, aimed at everyone, not an exclusive clique.

An interesting fact is that even after all these years, when fans go to a memorabilia show and take photos of Julie, these honest pictures have a verve, a lightness, a sensuality and a sense of fun. They hark back to when pros like Ornitz brought a camera and not attitude. There was nothing campy going on, nothing subversive, no "high fashion," no darkness. It was just basic: a woman radiating joy, aimed at men, but with lessons for women on how it's done.

Funny isn't it, that this year's or last years fashion atrocities are always forgotten, but simple bathing suits are timeless. Elaborate and ridiculous sets with catered food and elaborate costuming don't make for a lasting impression no matter how many paragraphs of "credits" are attached to it. Put a beautiful woman out on a lush lawn on a sunny day, and you have a universal image of love and life.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The bright Blu-Ray of BATMAN 66

Fans have not been disappointed in the new animated version of Batman 66. The familiar voices of Adam, Burt and Julie made it a thrill, and the a few of the substitutes for "passed masters" did pretty well. The guys taking the place of Neil Hamilton and Cesar Romero were up to the task, and the Penguin's laugh was once again delightfully strident. Fans also got a chuckle out of the running gag on Robin, based on the immortal Catwoman line from 50 years ago: "We'll kill him!" Get your copy on Blu-Ray!

Julie, Adam, Lee & Burt draw Huge Crowds

Thanks to all who dropped by...and stood on LONG LINES to meet the "Batman 66" stars. While the Chiller Theatre convention was under a bit of a pall (due to the passing of John Zacherle, at 98), across the country, the Stan Lee (he's 93) Comic Con was much more upbeat. As the L.A. Daily News reported it, some people were ready to die happy as long as they had a chance to meet favorite stars.