Saturday, November 10, 2018

Julie - one of the most ACCESSIBLE stars on FACEBOOK

Most stars ignore Facebook.

If they bother, they'll post an observation, or a gig date, and NOT respond to comments.

Many simply are wary of social media and encouraging kooks.

But Julie actually does read Facebook comments.

Recently she posed a meme telling people to VOTE. Naturally, some fans simply wanted her to shut up and post "leggy" pictures of herself from 50 years ago. "Hey Julie Baby," somebody wrote...

No, that's not being too familiar. Julie's not going to ignore somebody like this.

Naturally, Julie knows that a lot of her Facebook fans are obsessed with the Batman '66 TV show and if she isn't in a Catwoman costume, they aren't interested. That's ok.

And while some stars on Facebook don't want to encourage the "cheerleaders" and "ass-kissers" and the ones who will tell the Emperor or Empress that those REALLY are LOVELY won't see the ignored on Julie's page.

Same with anyone making a buck off her image. It's flattering, after all. Here's a drawing that is really "the costume" (it could just as easily be Lee Meriwether as Julie Newmar) but Julie's glad it was posted, and happy to praise the artist.

It's all about "positive energy." Some may say it's "suffer fools gladly," but they're missing the point. More stars should take time from their schedules and be on social media, and leave a LIKE on most anything that looks like a compliment.

An agent or manager might think this makes the celebrity look desperate, or have nothing better to do, but again, that's just cynicism. Acknowledging people who have limited social skills is better than "jerk shaming." Fans are people!

And of course Julie liked this comment. Sure, she was talking about politics, and voting, but if a fan ignores that and posts a photo from 50 years ago, that proves he's a real fan.

Indeed, the fan figures Julie and her friends have no idea where to find pictures of her on the Internet (Pinterest???) and a small low-res image is always helpful. The important thing is that if someone shows interest in her, even if it's "Hey, JULIE BABY..." you show courtesy and proper respect back, and make that person feel welcome and happy. Encourage more of the same.

POSITIVE ENERGY. Facebook is full of it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


No, you're not likely to go to a convention of like-minded mutants, dweebs and fanboys, and have the woman of your dreams be submissive. Hell, you might pay $50 or even $100 JUST to get an autograph, or be allowed to stand NEAR her.

Various Sweethearts of 60's TV...Diana Rigg, Dawn Wells, Nichelle Nichols, Sally Field...their attitude is LOOK but do not TOUCH. Be respectful. It's entirely possible if you tried to smooch Tina Louise she'd deck you with a bony fist.

BUT...take a look at this:

You can check hundreds of Facebook accounts where guys post their "I was at the Chiller Theater convention" and "I was at Comic Con" snapshots, and you won't find anything like that. At best, some feverish guy will be standing next to their favorite Super Heroine or Sitcom Starlet or whatever. No lip-locks. So far, none of these conventions advertise a "Kissing Booth" where your favorite star will get intimate for $100. Or even $200 or more.

But, if you check YouTube, you'll see this:

And yes, even though that happened a few years ago, Julie just posted a screencap on Facebook, as if it happened yesterday. How unforgettable is it, when it's brought back as something so memorable it happening at every memorabilia appearance or book signing? It's gotten her Facebook Fanboys hoping that the next time they meet her, they can plant one on her, too. After all, "I WAS PLEASED" is what she posted on Facebook.

The #metoo movement might suggest that you aren't supposed to touch a woman or you better resign from a powerful office (as Al Franken did), and if you don't respectfully request a date without coming on too strong, you better resign your Emmy-winning TV role (as Jeffrey Tambor did). Ah, but how about a liberated woman saying, "Sure, plant one on me?" That's different.

Madonna and her famous "Truth or Dare" behavior, as well as subsequent games from Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga and others, suggest that, to quote the "Casablanca" song, a kiss is still a kiss. Just a kiss. What's the big deal? Why not take the dare? Why deny fun? Why be inhibited?

This is the exact opposite to some #metoo thinking, where men are told not to get overly familiar with women, or make weird propositions to them, and that it's not exactly proper to kiss a total stranger.

Some women are cynical about how flattering it is that men want to buy them drinks, give hugs, steal kisses, or make frank offers. Most every woman gets "hit on" every day. All they have to do is sit on a park bench or walk down the street. There might not be a "country fair" anywhere in America where a woman would "sell kisses" for charity, and want to be kissed on the lips.

"Traditional" thinking is that men will make a play for any woman who isn't in a wheelchair or who hasn't had her face ripped away by a drug-crazed chimp. BUT...they do make plays for women in wheelchairs. Men have been known to take advantage of comatose and unattractive patients in hospitals. And corpses. To this, there are three words: "I WAS PLEASED."

Imagine, an entire room of people roaring and cheering for you. NOW imagine somebody declaring he'd really like a kiss. That's really flattering. So why not have fun and take the dare? Damn inhibition!

In other words, don't take things so seriously. Wash your face, take a shower, gargle, whatever, and it's like it never even happened. That's actually the advice some college girls give their friends after a bad experience getting picked up at a bar or a concert. Life's too short NOT to give somebody a good time if they ask. That's the key. Consensual. Julie could've told the guy to just sit down and worship a goddess from a distance but hey, he was nice looking and it was a dare.

"That Madonna," David Letterman once smirked, "she loves to shock us." Indeed, the reaction on Facebook was shock and awe, and "Aw, why didn't I think to plant one on Julie? She might post a photo on Facebook about it!" What's that show biz adage...keep 'em wanting more!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A "Batwoman" Fantasy

A Photoshop Phantasy...

Imagine Julie attracting the attention of Hammer Studios, and starring her in a vamping Vampire adventure...

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Kim Novak...or...JULIE NEWMAR??


Alfred Hitchcock pondering other possibilities....

Thursday, August 16, 2018

And the birthday wishes come in on Facebook....

It's always a joy to see how fans call attention to themselves on Facebook.

They outdo each other in wanting to be noticed for their devotion!

Dozens upon dozens of birthday thoughts have come in, and so many of them are phrased if they know Julie personally. That's a form of magic.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

A Rae of Sunshine - Comedy Genius CHARLOTTE RAE

Most people know Charlotte Rae from her sitcoms "Dif'rent Strokes" and "The Facts of Life."

She perfected her comic skills after arriving in New York City in 1948...working in cabaret, developing her own nightclub act of sophisticated comic songs, and...making an early splash in the same show that launched Julie Newmar: "Li'l Abner."

Julie's "Stupefyin' Jones" character was easily the most talked about on Broadway, and pictures of her appeared in dozens and dozens of magazines. But that show was loaded with talent, and Charlotte Rae had audiences roaring with her feisty performance as excitable Mammy Yokum. This was well before Irene Ryan's famous "Granny" role on "Beverly Hillbillies."

Yes, Charlotte was amazing in this rural role...moreso when you consider that before this, she'd been on Broadway in "Threepenny Opera," and after, took roles ranging from hapless housewife Mrs. Schnauzer (on "Car 54 Where Are You") and a neurotic Tupperware saleslady in a memorable episode of "All in the Family." That one so impressed Norman Lear, that he cast her in "Dif'rent Strokes." Charlotte did so well with that show, and the sequel, that she had the luxury of picking and choosing challenging roles in the 80's and 90's. These included everything from an episode of "Murder She Wrote" to another surprise, the lead in a Chicago stage production of "Driving Miss Daisy."

She passed away on August 5th, at the age of 92. Here's a scene from the original Broadway version of "Li'l Abner"

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Warm-hearted Zina

Remembering Zina Bethune.

There are so many photos of Julie with her well-known celebrity friends.

Julie's working on a photo-autobiography, but naturally fans will be more interested in her; she could fill another book with recollections of all the stars she's known.

Some remember Zina co-starring in "The Nurses," but her main love was dance. She was a noted choreographer.

She was also an animal lover, and it ultimately cost her everything. She was on Forest Lawn Drive when she noticed that a possum had been the victim of a hit and run. She stopped her car and went to the injured animal, only to suffer the same fate. She was 66.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Trumping the Supreme Court

Our Santa Monica beauty is still a New Yorker in many ways. Julie, formerly of Sutton Place, still gets The New York Times. She doesn't just tend to her garden and ignore the world...or the daily indignities of the Trump administration.

Among the latest...that Judge Kennedy's retirement may only SEEM inopportune. People wondering how the man could retire when he's so desperately needed to maintain ANY kind of balance on the Supreme Court should look behind him. There's his son, a "special guy" in the world of The Donald.

As the New York Times explains that:

"moments after his first address to Congress in February 2017. As he made his way out of the chamber, Mr. Trump paused to chat with the justice. 'Say hello to your boy,' Mr. Trump said. 'Special guy.'

Mr. Trump was apparently referring to Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin. The younger Mr. Kennedy spent more than a decade at Deutsche Bank, eventually rising to become the bank’s global head of real estate capital markets, and he worked closely with Mr. Trump when he was a real estate developer, according to two people with knowledge of his role.

During Mr. Kennedy’s tenure, Deutsche Bank became Mr. Trump’s most important lender, dispensing well over $1 billion in loans to him for the renovation and construction of skyscrapers in New York and Chicago at a time other mainstream banks were wary of doing business with him because of his troubled business history."

Perhaps, Justin time, and returning the many favors Trump owes the Kennedy clan, Judge Kennedy leaves the bench fully aware that The Donald will insert a crony, one who may overturn Roe v Wade. Trump's appointments to power positions have been all about favoritism and nepotism. While most of the incompetents have been laughable and many have disappeared as quickly as they arrived, a Supreme Court judge is a different matter. Mitch McConnell successfully blocked President Obama from appointing a new Supreme Court judge, and now...Deutsche Bank's Mr. Kennedy can call a debt repaid.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Who was Julie wearing? BRUCE

Recently Julie received an award from the "Hollywood Museum." Hollywood is Award City, so hardly a week goes by without somebody getting an award somewhere. But not everybody accepts an award dolled up...and wearing a t-shirt.

Fans were asking, WHO was on that shirt?

It's the clever Bruce Vilanch, who inherited Paul Lynde's chair when "Hollywood Squares" was revived. At the time he was one of the few gay comedians who was openly out of the closet...something other quiz show gay funnymen (Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Rip Taylor) didn't quite do.

Westworld admiringly dubbed him "bursting with gayness," and applaued him as "one of the first openly gay comedians." He's written for campy females, most especially Bette Midler, and has put some wit into the mouth of tart-tongued Whoopi Goldberg, and openly lesbian Lily Tomlin. He also worked with Robin Williams, who notably performed in drag as "Mrs. Doubtfire." Robin's remark about ballet dancers wearing Danskins so tight "you know what religion they are" was probably a Vilanch gag.

Years ago, Julie's audience was probably 90% straight. That included her rather flabby "henchmen" on the "Batman" show. Now her henchmen are gay. "Batman" may have been "campy" back in the day, but today, "campy" is another word for "gay" and...well, look at these guys. They aren't pussyfooting around, showing off their muscles.

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Sexual Revolution...and JULIE NEWMAR

Buzzfeed published an article on the SEXUAL REVOLUTION OF THE 60's.

Yes, pictures of anti-bra protests, pro-bikini models, Playboy bunnies, diaphragm demonstrations, Andy Warhol shooting odd movies, and...

Holy Revolution!

For the entire article: