Friday, November 26, 2010

Send Post Cards to Julie...not trading cards!

Julie enjoys getting your letters and postcards...

...but please, don't send in trading cards! Julie can not autograph or return "Star Trek," "Twilight Zone," "My Living Doll" etc. cards.

The manufacturer asked her to sign a bunch, and that's that. It compromises the integrity of these as "collectors items" to sign more of them.

If you're looking for one of these surprise "signed cards," which were randomly inserted into the packs along with the regular trading cards,check your local comic book or memorabilia shop, or eBay.

Sadly, dealers flood celebrity mail boxes with items that they only want signed so they can re-sell. The actual sale of celebrity addresses has quadrupled the volume of mail most stars receive. It means that a lot of mail (even with SASE - self addressed stamped envelope enclosed) doesn't get through.

So please, deck the halls with trading cards...but don't send them to Julie!


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