Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Julie joins the TV PARTY

Julie, Yvonne Craig and I were at the Chicago Museum of Broadcasting some years back, and I remember the curator, young Cary O'Dell telling me he was pretty nervous. He was moderating the panel, which featured a discussion on 60's TV in general, and the women of "Batman" in particular. I was the "expert" (author of "Sweethearts of 60's TV") but Julie and Yvonne were the attractions!

You can see that event if you're at the museum. It's preserved on tape. Cary's moved on to the Library of Congress, where he asked me to provide some articles, and he's been writing for TV Party. His most recent subject? Julie! Not just her work on "Batman," but her other great achievements on such a wide variety of TV shows.

Thanks, Cary, it's nice to know that Julie made such an indelible impression. Long after you got a chance to meet her in person, here she is, immortalized over at TV Party. Fads, fallacies, drag camp and arch "art" projects fade away almost instantly, but the quality work on "Twilight Zone," "Route 66," "Star Trek," "Batman," and so many other TV shows she's done, as well as films, continues to delight old fans and bring in new ones. It's remarkable that "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" which some might think an "old fashioned" musical, is still zipping along in the world of "streaming" Internet entertainment, while only a small cult ponder "serious" esoterica and exchange mutterings with effete critics and "outsider" journalists.

Honestly, most of us would rather PARTY...and TVPARTY is certainly a place to celebrate, and stay young at heart. Thanks, Cary, s scholar, and an unpretentious gentleman.


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