Thursday, March 1, 2018

Suckerberg's Facebook trying Fake Scams with Julie's FB page

Yes, you know:

The Internet is full of scams and schemers, bootleggers and con artists. Plenty of celebrities are being impersonated all the way from Twitter to Facebook and back.

While Facebook has been busy finding ways to force "Suggested Post" spam on its loyal readers, they've dropped the ball on "Private Message" scammers. In a variation on the Nigerian Prince and his emails, Julie fans have been getting private messages that SEEM to be coming from her account.

Somehow, they quickly degenerate into requests for money, sometimes involving the usual bogus charities.

A few of Julie's Facebook friends have reported the crooks and have noted what to look for.

It's sad and outrageous that the Internet giants, such as Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, eBay and Google, which often have CEO's making BILLIONS, can't put a few extra office drones on security issues.

To the contrary, when efforts are made on Julie's behalf to remove FORGED AUTOGRAPHS, faked nude images, invasion of privacy YouTube videos, etc. some of these Internet giants request going through hoops that can take hours and hours, only to get "sorry, the forms must be filled out again..."

Federal law is often violated, because the Internet giants have the loopholes of DMCA on their side. They are only required to respond to a DMCA...and their response can be "sorry, we don't believe you have a case, go sue us." Some sites respond to "intellectual property" complaints, some say "if it's not a copyright issue, we can not help you." Make that "WILL not help you."

Their greed ends up biting them on the rear, when they allow their minions to be cheated and tormented by private message spam, by anonymous bullies, by impersonation, and by a complete lack of common sense in requiring people to sign up for blogs and social media pages without a credit card or any easy means of identification.


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