Saturday, November 10, 2018

Julie - one of the most ACCESSIBLE stars on FACEBOOK

Most stars ignore Facebook.

If they bother, they'll post an observation, or a gig date, and NOT respond to comments.

Many simply are wary of social media and encouraging kooks.

But Julie actually does read Facebook comments.

Recently she posed a meme telling people to VOTE. Naturally, some fans simply wanted her to shut up and post "leggy" pictures of herself from 50 years ago. "Hey Julie Baby," somebody wrote...

No, that's not being too familiar. Julie's not going to ignore somebody like this.

Naturally, Julie knows that a lot of her Facebook fans are obsessed with the Batman '66 TV show and if she isn't in a Catwoman costume, they aren't interested. That's ok.

And while some stars on Facebook don't want to encourage the "cheerleaders" and "ass-kissers" and the ones who will tell the Emperor or Empress that those REALLY are LOVELY won't see the ignored on Julie's page.

Same with anyone making a buck off her image. It's flattering, after all. Here's a drawing that is really "the costume" (it could just as easily be Lee Meriwether as Julie Newmar) but Julie's glad it was posted, and happy to praise the artist.

It's all about "positive energy." Some may say it's "suffer fools gladly," but they're missing the point. More stars should take time from their schedules and be on social media, and leave a LIKE on most anything that looks like a compliment.

An agent or manager might think this makes the celebrity look desperate, or have nothing better to do, but again, that's just cynicism. Acknowledging people who have limited social skills is better than "jerk shaming." Fans are people!

And of course Julie liked this comment. Sure, she was talking about politics, and voting, but if a fan ignores that and posts a photo from 50 years ago, that proves he's a real fan.

Indeed, the fan figures Julie and her friends have no idea where to find pictures of her on the Internet (Pinterest???) and a small low-res image is always helpful. The important thing is that if someone shows interest in her, even if it's "Hey, JULIE BABY..." you show courtesy and proper respect back, and make that person feel welcome and happy. Encourage more of the same.

POSITIVE ENERGY. Facebook is full of it!


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