Friday, November 13, 2020

Julie Newmar - FARMERETTE? Well, close guess, guys...

You may have missed this magazine at the local newsstand. It came out in oh, 1956. 

Back in the day, hungry (if not ravenous) pin-up mags wanted sexy pix, and lots of 'em, to balance out the ordinary news and sports articles they had to run as "redeeming social value." 

The photographers had to be clever...clever enough to find ladies like Julie who actually had acting credentials and needed publicity...and clever enough to try and get published with a unique "slant" and not the same beach pix that were so much competition. 

SO here's Julie, out at a farm, ergo, a FARMERETTE! 

OH...and give some credit to the mag's editors and writers, who dutifully plugged the latest new and beautiful talent, and "invented" some copy to validate the pictures. The anonymous scribe here, did his best. He duly notes that Julie's "ambition..." in show biz is ultimately "to be a comedienne." 

She would soon be getting laughs on Broadway in "Marriage Go Round," co-starring in "My Living Doll," and giving Catwoman that special touch of humor. Yes, much of Julie's best work has involved adding a sense of fun, joy, and laughs into her characters and into her TV interviews as well. 

Inspired by the urban Julie at an old barn, the writer wasn't TOO far off. Just substitute "gardner" and not "farmerette." (PS, it isn't often that your average "farmerette" leaves the plow to get some exercise by hanging from a tree!) 

As Julie fans know, her garden is a true tourist attraction. A few times a year, for charity, horticulture buffs come by select homes in L.A. to view the wonders created by both famous celebrities and ambitious and creative people who just love to spend hours and hours with their flowers. The Julie Newmar Rose is one of several items named after Julie. Which beats being a "farmerette," and somebody at a country fair trying to sell their tribute; a Julie Newmar squash! 


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