Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Zoom Blah! or..."Caption This, Please."

You've seen it on social media all the time: "CAPTION THIS!" 

Somebody tosses a photo and people are supposed to have fun imagining what could be said. 

IMAGINING is the fun part. Seeing what people contribute usually isn't. So, just IMAGINE what could be going on and...keep it to yourself! 

What exactly this is, well, it looks like a ZOOM question and answer session, and Julie does a few of these, which usually involves the usual Catwoman questions and appropriate gushing praise for a living legend.

She's always been polite to those amateurs who point a camcorder at her at a memorabilia show and say "This is going on YouTube" or "I have a Public Access TV Show!!!" 

What harm does it do? Not a lot. During the pandemic, "ZOOM BLAB" is pretty vital. For months, Stephen Colbert and the professionals have been training their cameras on themselves, and doing remote interviews with people. It beats re-runs. 

So here we have what looks like the West Hollywood version of Bill Maher, clutching a teddy bear and asking questions...make up your own scenario to explain Julie's expressions. Looks like a pretty hilarious Q&A -- well, the guy is certainly having the time of his life and he sure gets reactions! 

It does confirm that Julie is a fantastic mime, and could've been a huge star in silent films, a rival of Mabel Normand! 



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