Saturday, September 13, 2008

"She Walked In Beauty..."

"She walked in beauty," could've been a description of Julie, crossing the stage in a towel during a performance of "The Marriage-Go-Round," but it's also the subtitle to "Claudette Colbert," a new bio by Bernard F. Dick.

Dick's written esoteric titles such as "The Apostate Angel; a critical study of Gore Vidal" and "The Hellenism of Mary Renault." For this tome, published by the University Press of Mississippi, he delves into the remarkable career of the Academy Award winner who co-starred with Julie in the stage version of "The Marriage-Go-Round."

Of course he interviewed Julie for her insights into Colbert and the production, but Julie wants you to know about this book because it's simply a good read, and there aren't many women (besides Julie) who could be described as having a "mixture of beauty, sophistication, wit, and vivacity."


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