Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go "Streetwalkin'" with Julie

Apparently Melissa Leo's Academy Award victory inspired studios to look for DVD re-issue items on her. So, finally, August 2nd, you'll be able to get a perfect digital copy of "Streetwalkin'" to replace that old VHS tape.

As the New York Post reported, "prepare to see a brand new side of Academy Award winner Melissa Leo. The backside. And the frontside. Melissa Leo (in her first lead role) plays Cookie -- a teenage runaway who gets drawn into the dangerous world of prostitution when she falls for a pimp.

The film co-stars screen legend Julie Newmar...and features a commentary from writer/director Joan Freeman."

Indeed "screen legend" Julie Newmar! She plays "Queen Bee," a veteran hooker who befriends the naive newcomer. In promoting its original release, Julie appeared on New York's local WNBC 6pm news, telling interviewer Chuck Scarborough that she wore a man's overcoat tried and be inconspicuous as she studied how the girls "did business on Park Avenue (South)." Chuck had many more questions...till co-anchor Sue Simmons roped him into continuing with the hard news.

In the film, Julie steals many a scene by showing up on street corners in the black of night wearing red lingerie.

Melissa may be a Leo, but the lady catting around to purr-fection in those prowling scenes in "Streetwalkin'" is Julie!


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