Monday, September 16, 2013

July in MARYLAND - Sept 19-21

Julie will be signing autographs at the "Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention," Hunt Valley, Maryland this week from Sept 19 through Sept 21. For more info check their website: Co-starring with Julie: the lovably grumpy Ed Asner (a really nice guy...don't be shy!), the double-hero Robert Loggia (he was both Disney's Elfego Baca and cat burglar T.H.E. Cat), legendary child movie star Margaret O'Brien, and that kid off the old block Johnny Crawford, co-star to Chuck Connors on "Rifleman." Johnny also scored five hit singles on the Billboard charts, and currently leads a jazz orchestra. Among the unusual events at the convention, a performance by Abbott & Costello lookalikes, seminars on Audrey Totter, Captain Chesapeake and Brace Beemer, various authors talking about old time radio, and YES...6pm Friday, Julie will join Elizabeth Shepherd for a Q&A session with fans.


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