Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot book review for our "Witty Genius"

Watch out, with a review this glowing, your newspaper might spontaneously burst into flames. I'm talking about the Canyon News, with its heated praise for Julie and her new book:

"When a person meets Julie Newmar, you get the impression of an elegant, tall, sensual, intelligent, gorgeous and stylish lady in Tinseltown. However, after you read “The Conscious Catwoman: Explains Life On Earth,” you will come away from reading it and knowing for sure that on top of all of those things, she’s also a witty genius, whose infectious positive spirit has guided her through an amazing life and incredible body of work as an actress, and also you’ll know why everyone falls in love with the leggy beauty at first sight. This book is the must have for every home, every high school and every bookstore across America. Don’t walk to the bookstore to get her story. Run! Don’t walk!"

"...Julie has one of the highest IQ’s in the world, she’s a sophisticated and talented mime, she has the most gorgeous rose and flower gardens, she speaks her mind, she fights for the underdog and she is showing no signs of slowing down after a meteoric career rise that continues today.

"Her very concisely written book “The Conscious Catwoman” gives the reader life lessons; which is what Julie Newmar does best. 13 amazing chapters, under 75 pages, but filled with priceless anecdotal knowledge of her life and career, and the best advice that anyone could ever give you. From health and exercise to fashion and how to reach every goal you set for yours, this book is so well written and easily understood, that she could single handedly clean up Washington, D.C. and every dysfunctional family around America and the world.

"...my favorite chapter was How To Do The Impossible. Knowing Julie Newmar, it’s only impossible for the rest of us. She can do it all. Sing, dance, act, write! Yes, write she does, and this is just one of the many upcoming publications the beautiful and dynamic star will be penning. When you put this book down, you will realize what an awesome and extraordinary person Ms. Newmar is, and you will have no doubt in your mind why she’s one of the most unforgettable and elegant women on the planet...."


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