Monday, October 21, 2013

Julie Rides to RHODE ISLAND, November 2nd

Batman and Catwoman will be at the Rhode Island Comic Con, November 2-3, "the biggest show in the smallest state."

Come and get some dual-signature photos signed by both ADAM WEST and JULIE NEWMAR.

And "never say NEVER AGAIN..." they will be joined by the mighty mites, Robin and Batgirl. Yes, coming out of retirement yet again, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig will once more wield pens and THWAPP some autographs.

Also at the event, such fun names as Craig Yoe, Bob Eggleton, James Biggie, Zeke Savory, Randall Trang, and Renee Wittestatter. (Those ARE fun names!)

Guaranteed to be just a tad different from other Comic Cons, the RICC offers "Kids Con," an area for 10 and unders to enjoy story time, drawing, face painting and even magic lightsaber training, and "Get MARRIED at Rhode Island Comic Con...100% Legal!"

For more info on this, and a full list of the other guests at the event, just go over to RICOMICCON.COM.


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