Sunday, April 16, 2017

Photo Fun

First off, no, that is NOT a "bondage" image on the front page of Julie's website.

Her hands are NOT tied behind her back. The idea that the photographer has any desire to see a woman in bondage is absurd.

Likewise this isn't a Venus de Milo homage, and it's quite accidental that she looks like she has no hands at all.

While most of Julie's vintage photographers liked the idea of Julie's arms being around them, or at least in sight, just enjoy the Mona Lisa aspect of it. We're used to seeing Julie looking smiling and positive, and here's something enigmatic, with a touch of mystery.

As we say at Facebook, if you don't have anything positive to say, shut up. Constructive criticism is, well, destructive.

Something like that.

There's no doubt about the upbeat message of the latest item available at the website: flower-child GREETING CARDS.

It's a set of Photoshop jobs that accentuate the fact that Julie is blooming well the most beautiful work of art on the planet.

You'll find ordering info in the CARDS link on the top of the website.


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