Monday, June 4, 2018

Facebook, where the FUN is

When Julie posts a cheesecake photo taken 60 years ago, and a few words of advice, you can be sure of two things: the advice will be ignored, and the photo will produce drooling responses of glee.

It's always nice to see the thoughtful, creative, clever and tasteful responses these photos get. And since Julie IS on Facebook, friending people, guys feel they can be as familiar with her as they please. That's what friends do.

Hundreds and hundreds of "likes" and comments! As Murray the K said 60 years ago, "It's what's happening, baby!"

Super fanboy Shawn didn't quite make the cut on this sample of responses, but he does always try to be the first to get Julie's attention, so here's a photo of him, showing off his new haircut.

It's always a joy when Shawn (and everyone else) is quick to offer a MEOW, or a "You were the best Catwoman" or identify their locale: "I love you I am in Argentina!"

Sometimes a fan uses a thread to throw in a vintage photo and ask for important information. Julie WILL respond! On this thread there was...

And a few more last minute responses...but thanks to ALL...


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