Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Art is in the Eye of the Beholder, ok?

The question:

"Is this a movie still? Her hands are handcuffed behind her back? Was this a horror movie I missed?"

No. It's just Julie being a model and letting the photographer do what he wants.

She may have that uncertain look that isn't the joyful expression one expects in a website cover photo, but no, that's NOT some film about a stalker with woman-problems. She's not looking in the direction of Norman Bates.

The picture on the front page does change from time to time. Check back.

In the SHOP section of the site, you'll find all the photos that fans really love. You've got about 70 choices from some of the great photographers (Bernard of Hollywood, Peter Gowland and Peter Basch and other red-blooded lensmen). Julie autographs these PERSONALLY.

Not many stars take the time to PERSONALIZE. You'll find great Julie poses, like this classic from Peter Gowland...THERE's the joyful smile we all love to see...

Also you'll find Julie "in character" as Stupefyin' Jones, Miss Devlin, The Princess from "Star Trek," Robot AF-709, and (some of them beautifully colorized) Catwoman. It's almost all there. I say almost, 'cause the question: "Where is a picture of Dorcas?" can't be answered the affirmative. Not yet!


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