Friday, March 29, 2019

JULIE becomes JULIA thanks to..."DARK SHADOWS"

Just as Diana Rigg won new fans thanks to "Game of Thrones," some new blood will be dripping in Julie's direction thanks to..."Dark Shadows."

Yes, the vampire soap opera from the 60's is alive, and, well, the latest incarnation is on radio.

The last time Julie's expressive voice was part of spooky radio doings was a role in an episode of "CBS MYSTERY THEATER" in 1974.

Really scary stuff, kids. Julie even performed her part under somewhat eerie conditions...

Julie plays Julia Hoffman. On the original TV show, the late Grayson Hall played the part of the scientist who sought out vampire Barnabas Collins and, like Catwoman and Batman, developed an interesting love-hate relationship.

According to the website, which obsesses on all things "Dark Shadows," the producers of the radio version often thought of reviving the iconic character. Co-producer Joseph Lidster noted that there were several script ideas for bringing back Julia, but the question was who could play the role:

"“Julie agreed to read the scripts and we think she fell in love with the character. Trying to sum up Julie Newmar is pretty much impossible. She’s an actress/singer/dancer/writer/lingerie inventor/real estate mogul/gay rights campaigner and so much more, so we’re thrilled that she agreed to take on the role.”

"Dark Shadows : Bloodline" is going to be available both as a download and on CD. For more information:

The BIG FINISH website


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