Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Busta Rhymes? Busta Keaton? No, Busta Julie Cards

In America, we call them a "Lobby Card Set." In England? It's a BUSTA set. 

These things are fairly rare. Movie studios made 100 or 200 sets and shipped them to the theaters screening the films. After being posted behind glass, or on easels in the lobby or entrance, these cards were supposed to be returned to the studio or destroyed. 

But...fans are happy that some sets have turned up for sale in art shops, memorabilia stores and online. 

In the case of "Mackenna's Gold" (a film that actually has defenders and a cult following) the images on the British cards differ from the ones sent to American theaters. Like so: 

Hopefully the film will remain available, and not be pulled due to the PC Police whining that Omar Sharif was not really Mexican and Julie was not really Native American. And, who knows, Mackenna should've been played by somebody actually named Mackenna, not Peck. 

How amusing, the colorized posters offer Julie's costume in both pink and green and in yellow and red. (We say colorized, which hopefully is ok. If not, consider them "posters of color." But no, these are not colored!

It was a lucky Brit who had the full BUSTA SET and sold it for a pretty good price on eBay! 


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