Saturday, July 25, 2020


You're right, Donald.

Far right, in fact.

On Facebook, Julie sometimes mentions some outrageous decision or statement from The Donald (as ex-wife Ivana called him). Usually she writes with a sigh or a good-natured quip since she has a great sense of humor.

Too bad the loonies and trolls on Facebook respond with insults, and can't curb their enthusiasm for being obnoxious.

Some can't wait to unload their bile. Recently Julie posted a reminder that photos are for sale on her website. Many respond happily, but that last one? The Trump troll?

Stars get hundreds and thousands of comments on Facebook and Twitter. They don't have the time to read all of it. They are given the highlights if they ask. That's why most of this stuff gets no response or comment. Few stars ever engage or provoke trolls.

Still, it's sad that people think their offensive behavior will be tolerated (there are ways of BLOCKING abuse). It's especially obnoxious when they use profanity or hurtful and highly-charged words.

"Libtard" is a favorite among Trump fans. They've seen Trump mimicking the handicapped, almost as often as he's spewed insults at people, mocked with name-calling, or responded to questions with rudeness.

"Libtard" combines Liberal and Retard. Retard is an antiquated word for someone with Down Syndrome, someone such as Julie's son.

Anyone who checks Julie's Facebook page has seen her loving pictures of John, so using the term is clearly meant with malice.

It's so ignorant of Trump's bottom-feeders to single out anyone who didn't vote for Trump when MORE THAN HALF THE COUNTRY didn't vote for him.

When Julie, or anyone offers an opinion or statement on their Facebook page, the key thing to remember is "THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE."

You're a guest on that page. Be polite. Is that too much to ask?

Perhaps it is, because fans of Donald are only aping his own insensitivity and un-Presidential behavior.

The reporter was Serge Kovaleski who often covered Trump. Trump would claim he never heard of the man, never saw him, and it was just a coincidence that he gestured the way he did. That claim of innocence has been debunked.

If the original post doesn't include profanity or troll-language, the response shouldn't either.

Oh, 1966. "Batman '66."

Simpler times.

The villains were cartoonish but pretty harmless.

Batman took care of jokers.

Catwoman? Don't even THINK about it, Mr. Trump...


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