Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's In the Cards

Above, it's Julie facing off with her friend Sheldon...who happens to be an astrologer. He believes stars influence our lives, and certainly, any time a star like Julie turns up at an event, it's good fortune, and people smile. She can create sunshine at night, which is remarkable in an era when most people you meet in the course of your day create a spiritual eclipse.

Meanwhile...those who believe fortune can be determined by looking at cards...might have Donruss in mind, not Tarot. Below, a few of the Donruss trading cards featuring Julie's signature and souvenir inch of actual fabric once worn by Julie in a film or TV appearance.
Ebay bidders ace each other out at the last minute to win a card that shows our glamour Queen. In order to win a rarity you must really mind your bidness.
Forecast: if you invest in Julie Newmar cards you'll double or triple your investment. Unless you change your mind and keep the cards, which would prove that there are more important things besides money!


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