Friday, September 9, 2011

Next Year: Julie's Karmic Book

Following "The Misadventures of Adam West," here comes "The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar," coming to your favorite comic book emporium in February 2012.

Created by the legendary team of Mehrlich and Shapiro, the adventures will have Julie suit-up in a variation of her Catwoman costume and do battle with "Dr. Vertigo." I'm not sure what super powers she has, but I think forcing the guy to walk up a steep staircase would do him in.

Dr. Vertigo apparently will be causing evil throughout different eras, with Julie chasing him down the corridors of time. But not involving a time tunnel...that was Lee Meriwether's schtick. So after our conscientious Catwoman explained life on Earth today, she's now explaining life in the past and future.

The comic book art will affectionately swipe iconic poses Julie's struck, with the cover copying a famous Bernard of Hollywood photo. And yes, watch for the Stupefyin' Jones super-hip hip-joint angle. And no, despite its name, Blue Water Comics is not a division of Bowl Fresh Blue Tab Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Although if you do read your comics while sitting on the john, blue water below couldn't hurt.

So follow the action from the beginning, when the lady who has had a rose named after her, suddenly gets drafted (literally, out of her pastoral garden) and into the secret headquarters of "Hour Glass." "Hour Glass" is run by a scientist who has a chip on his shoulder...which he'll implant into Julie. As if Julie needs implants. As if she doesn't already have a better than hourglass figure!


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