Monday, June 4, 2018

Inquiring Minds want to know about the NEAR-FATAL HEART ATTACK

When Julie had an emergency visit to the hospital, it wasn't long after that she announced the problem on Facebook. Someone else might not have shared such intimate details, but Facebook friends are...friends. If not family.

Later, she told the story to the National Inquirer. The tabloid IS known for hyperbole, but any heart attack has the potential to be "near fatal."

It's been a worry for managers and agents to shield the public from any health scare involving a client. After all, studios are notorious for not wanting a project delayed by an illness, or a star having to drop out after filming's begun. No such concerns for Julie. Why not be honest, get the news out there, and perhaps inspire someone to get a check-up?

As always, those hundreds and hundreds of Facebook "friends" and some of the folks who Tweet provide a lot of cheer for Julie:

Facebook has gotten some bad publicity lately, with people calling it a devious area where anything can happen (even Russian interference with an election, or the harvesting of personal information). Some call it a mammoth waste of time. For others, it's a rare chance to equal the playing field and make friends with celebrities, and exchange information!


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