Thursday, April 11, 2019

Roberta Haynes, John Engstead and an NYPL Catwoman Pie Chart

Roberta Haynes died a few days ago, at 91.

You may have only vaguely heard of her, as several of her prime years were missing due to blindness caused by a special effects movie set accident. Fortunately, her loss of sight was not permanent.

Like many glamorous ladies of the 50's, including Julie, she was a favorite of photographer John Engstead. Here's one of his images of her:

John Engstead took some great pictures of Julie, and when Julie and I visited the Lincoln Center Library, we saw quite a few. Below, you'll see a John Engstead photo, top left.

Jeremy Megraw is the Photograph Librarian at the Lincoln Center Library (aka the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center). A few years ago, he posted a blog asking readers to VOTE for their favorite Catwoman. The images above come from that post. He had choice pix of other women who played Catwoman, too.

The delicious pie chart of results:


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