Thursday, June 20, 2019

Burt Ward's a Sidewalk Star

Congratulations to Burt Ward.

"My sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed to this great honor..."

Today "contributions" can be collected through GoFundMe. This could lead to Catwoman fans (both of Julie and Lee) to consider taking action!

"The Hollywood Walk of Fame" is ruled by money. Unlike the Tony Awards, for example (and Julie IS a Tony winner), nobody gets honored with a sidewalk star unless SOMEBODY PAYS FOR IT.

The price is about $40,000.

Usually the ceremony involves somebody who is active with a reality show, a quick show, a talk show...something ongoing that could use publicity. Instead of hiring an assistant for the show, pay that $40,000 to the board, and get the TMZ cameras and "Entertainment Tonight" paying attention! That's money well spent.

On principal alone, most retired stars aren't going to pay for their own honor. It reeks of subsidizing, and it's tacky. However, nominations for "The Hollywood Walk of Fame" must include a guarantee of payment, and that the star is going to show up. After all, the "Walk of Fame" people like publicity, too.

Fan clubs, Facebook groups...there are some enterprising people out there who run such things, and who might want to start a GOFUNDME, totally independent of the star. As in: "Let's raise the $40,000, and if we do, we can then submit our favorite star to the board!"

HOLY PAYOLA!?!?! But...the fault lies with how stars get into pavement, not with ourselves.


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