Thursday, July 2, 2020

Some DOLLS are still Lost....

Julie recently posted a photo from a lost episode of "My Living Doll."

Were the missing episodes of "My Living Doll" destroyed, in some weird act of vandalism? No.

Were they crushed under the rubble of some mythical earthquake at CBS? No, wrong again.

While there was a fire at the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot, it happened in 2008, and most of what was destroyed involved audio masters of recordings issued by their subsidiary and acquired labels including MCA, ABC, A&M and Geffen.

As best as can be determined, "My Living Doll" is simply among the misfiled. With a generally sloppy attitude toward preserving TV shows for future use (most quiz shows, soap operas and talk shows were on videotape which was ERASED to re-use), it's no surprise that a one-season program with little chance for re-run life, would be lost.

Quiz shows? Of about 1750 episodes of "The Match Game" broadcast in the 60's, less than a dozen exist. "Pyramid" quiz shows hosted by Dick Clark are gone. From "Joe Pyne Show" to "Les Crane" and "Wally George," few thought to keep topical talk shows, and what survives is often just a Kinescope made by somebody who was guest on the show and hired someone to preserve it. Quiz host Dennis James kept copies of most of the shows he was on, but when he passed on, all that material disappeared. Sometimes items are willed to libraries or TV museums, but they're for "viewing only," at the locale, and by appointment.

There wasn't home video yet (home VCR's weren't affordable till around 1980) so nobody was thinking, "we can sell these shows..."

Huge chunks or small portions of various filmed TV series are missing, from "Andy's Gang" and "The Goldbergs" to "Have Gone Will Travel." When the latter was finally licensed for DVD, complete seasons had to be cobbled from both 35mm and 16mm prints.

With "My Living Doll," there SHOULD be a set of 35mm masters and a set of 16mm copies in two separate locations. So far, these have not been found. We're talking about vast storerooms, and possibly cans moved to storage areas no longer even known about. One day somebody might unlock a long-forgotten storage facility bought by a new landlord, and there it is, a cache of video treasures.

Back in the day, some "affiliate" TV stations weren't on the network feed, and required 16mm prints that could be screened at some other time, and then returned. These 16mm prints were sometimes returned, sometimes kept at the station for emergency use, discarded, or secretly sold to local collectors. In New York City, Willoughby's camera shop on 32nd Street was notorious for selling 16mm prints of everything from "My Little Margie" to "What Are the Odds."

16mm prints are legal to sell on eBay and not long ago, Julie's episode of "Greatest Show on Earth" was scooped up by somebody for $100 or so. Whether that person is keeping it as an "I have it YOU DON'T" literal "collectors item," or will convert it to DVD or stream it via YouTube, literally remains to be seen.

As for "MY LIVING DOLL," Chertok Productions and Julie are hoping that wayward 16mm prints will turn up at memorabilia shows, thrift shops, or online, and fans will sound the alert so these can be gathered for an official DVD release: "My Living Doll PART TWO."

The show is remembered fondly.

In some cases, weirdly. It's always a bit peculiar to see the "comments" on Julie's Facebook page. One is reminded that while 90% of fans are intelligent and respectful, quite a few are bent in unusual ways.

Some are a bit too sexual (which they can't disguise behind a load of professorial multi-syllable words). Then you have self-admitted mental patients and uber-fans who dress up in costumes and who one hopes can stay in control of themselves. And some are just going to post inappropriate photos or say inappropriate off-topic things no matter what. Celebs do understand that "curb your enthusiasm" is just the name of a sitcom, and not something that fans (a term short for "fanatics" always understand.

Julie does know that when she posts a Catwoman picture, thousands will view it, hundreds will share it, and hundreds more will leave gaga comments and post their own favorite Catwoman (or cheesecake) shots. But when she's discussing politics or serious spiritual or ecological issues, it's a bit much to not only get "show us more photos and don't write anything," but pin-up pictures as well. It would be helpful if randy men and obsessed women remember this is her page and she's discussing things she cares about. She's not Catwoman 24/7.

Thanks to the ones who leave brief, pleasant comments, like the first one below, and a muttered WTF to the other three. Four random samples, with names, of course, removed to protect the innocent.


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July 2, 2020 at 1:24 PM  
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July 2, 2020 at 1:36 PM  
Blogger said...

Too many Randys!

July 4, 2020 at 11:46 AM  
Blogger said...

I see that the slanderous remark about my sexuality has been taken down. I will not be taking any further action but will not tolerate such abuse of this blogger either. He's not that savvy about women.

July 19, 2020 at 10:55 PM  

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