Sunday, September 1, 2019

Me Too! ME-TV Jumps at the chance for Julie Newmar click-bait!

It's ALL good...if it involves Julie Newmar.

As websites fight for ad dollars and desperately need to point to "traffic," there's been a cluttery influx of "click bait" all over the Internet. Everywhere you go, there are sidebars and pop ups and offers to "GO HERE!" "CHECK THIS OUT!"

How does a website like METV get traffic? You know what they've got by checking the FREE TV listings on the Net! The answer is trivia contests and "THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW" posts.

Here's some things they think YOU don't know about JULIE NEWMAR. How many did you really not know? A true Julie fan should at least know most of these....

Is everything you didn't know actually true? Well...they're not too far off.

For one example, "My Living Doll" was not lost in an earthquake. According to expert research from Peter Greenwood (who put together the 2 DVD set you own) there's no evidence the show was lost by any natural disaster, or a fire. More likely, it's still around, just lost due to bad filing and bureaucratic apathy. Peter was denied access to the mammoth vaults and the "powers that be" simply wouldn't take the time to go through all the film cans still unsorted or ones that could be mis-labeled. It's a common problem with film, video tapes and record masters.

"My Living Doll" should exist in both 16mm and 35mm prints, and these were original stored in at least two different production facilities, one on either coast. Many DVD sets of older shows, including "Have Gun Will Travel," were cobbled together from both 16mm and 35mm sources. There's still hope that prints of the missing episodes will turn up in a garage, in an estate sale, or even overseas. Australia broadcast the show and in those days network feed was not usually the case: TV stations were sent 16mm prints to run at whatever local time slot they felt was best. It'll be a G'day if somebody down under surfaces with the lost shows...


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