Thursday, May 7, 2020

You Bet Your Bippy....

Julie Newmar clips on YouTube continue to get nice comments.

Here's one for the moment in "The Maltese Bippy" when Dan Rowan flirts with Julie.

The channel tries to add clips from time to time, but sometimes, there are surprises. A 40 second scene from "Fools, Females and Fun" (Julie and Dick Sargent) was automatically denied. Huh? It turns out that Universal has spent a lot of time and money creaing digital "footprints" for every inch of even their most obscure films and TV shows. As soon as a clip is floated to YouTube, it is matched, detected and blocked.

YouTube (owned by Google) offers no appeal procedure, and doesn't recognize "fair use." One would think that less than a minute would only encourage interest in this made-for-TV "Love American Style" movie. Universal has no plans to stream it, make it available to a cable TV station, or release it on DVD.


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