Sunday, January 26, 2020

Newmar RETRO News - Trumpet Voluntary, 1956

"It's good publicity!"

BACK IN THE DAY, publicists would do anything to get coverage in one of the half-dozen (or more) daily big city papers.

Always surefire, was "get a pretty girl to promote it." Like, the Randalls' Island Jazz Festival.

Who cares about that? How many readers know or care about who Don Elliot is? We're a busy newspaper, why should we promote some bunch of guys playing jazz on Randalls' Island?

Wait...wait...let's get JULIE NEWMAR to hold a trumpet! Give some other babe a french horn. Point drumsticks at some other starlet. NOW you've got a picture....


This shot ran in THE JOURNAL, and maybe it caused a few people to run to Randalls' Island, hoping a few of the girls would be there.

Julie was the star of this trio, only a few months away from her debut in "Li'l Abner," and already a cover girl with several film credits (including the "golden girl" in "Serpent of the Nile."

Ms. Nickel (french horn) was somewhere in the cast of Roz Russell's "Auntie Mame." Trivia fans might note that Lynn Dollar, decoration on "$64,000 Question," began to get serious. A mere year after this photo was taken, she won the position of weather girl at WRCA-TV.


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