Thursday, June 18, 2020


That's Julie, signing in as the celebrity guest on a "What's My Line" episode.

She's still signing in, and being very nice about the price.

On eBay, a personalized autographed photo is about $100.

Yes, people are willing to buy a photo with somebody else's first name on it. Over at you can get one personalized to YOU for $40.

I mention this as a public service. Julie doesn't need the money. She's even mentioned to her Facebook friends that she's in that elite 99% category -- but she only mentioned it to point out that being wealthy doesn't mean one supports Trump.

The President often boasts that the stock market has been stable under his leadership. And you know what a stable smells like.

All seriousness aside, as Steve Allen would say, no politician can really take credit for the stock market, high or low. The stock market can rise and fall on whims, wars and rumors. Some would tell you that a much safer investment is in memorabilia.

Certainly, some people who have been lucky enough to acquire a signed Julie Newmar photo have quadrupled their investment, or better, when they had to sell. (And does Trump take any blame when people lose their jobs and suddenly start hocking stuff??) the prices go on images that savvy people like YOU can find on Julie's website for $40??

Pretty high...

And higher...

And higher...

That's quite a bit higher than what an eBay seller wants for my book with that chapter on Julie in it!

Oh. Donald Trump. If a Julie Newmar autographed photo on eBay can fetch $100, $150, $300 or much did Trump signed photos sell for recently? Oh.


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