Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Genius I.Q. and The Great Unknown

Julie has collected a lot of Einstein quotes, but why stop there?

All seriousness aside (as Steve Allen used to say), it's a bit of a surprise that Einstein didn't go the cryogenic route. After all, whose head is better off frozen and possibly thawed one day, his dome, or Ted Williams?

I was told that my I.Q. test ranks me in the 98th percentile of the country.

It's a bit depressing to think there are six million people smarter than me in America. It's six million isn't it? What percentage voted for Trump?

I'm not sure I counted right. You can be close to a genius and still have problems with math. You can also be a genius and not be able to play a Chopin etude. Or paint.

Julie can play a Chopin etude. She can paint. She is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. Did Einstein play the piano and paint? Or get a Tony Award while speaking in a Swedish accent and wearing nothing but a towel?

I only know one anecdote about Einstein, and it was told to me by my good friend Theodore Gottlieb. He performed on stage and in films as "Brother Theodore."

Theodore managed to get out of Dachau and make his way to America thanks to Einstein, who was a family friend.

Theodore's anecdote:

Einstein was at a party in New Jersey, and it was filled with the usual guests who wanted to get their chance to meet The Great Man. Some offered compliments, but one grand dame shook his hand, and said, "Oh Professor Einstein, please answer a question for me. Is there life after death?"

Einstein said, "How the hell should I know?"


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