Thursday, September 26, 2019

True Love is Greater than Trump

In the world of gays "witch" can be an epithet applied to a man. Julie's got a very strong gay cult following, so it's not a surprise she'd ding dong a "WITCH IS DEAD...nearly" on Donald Trump.

A lot of guys got a special snicker and chortle over Catwoman calling Mr. "Gray the Pussy" a WITCH.

Is it dangerous to talk politics on social media? A lot of Trump's supports, who love his rude and arrogant bullying, instantly posted their chiding and insults. A lot of others cheerfully wrote "You're right, Julie!" and hoped a 2/3 majority will send Trump packing.

Then again, any post is going to be an excuse for a sudden overboard attention-grabbing declaration of devotion.

As for the response photo, it's hard to read the face of a plush animal, and know for sure if the feeling is one of confusion, agreement, or "somebody needs to be on stronger meds."


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