Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Julie Newmar Pitches Woo

Ask Julie Newmar about her stockings. “Stay right where you are,” she commands. She stands up, pivots. Black, sheer, with a seam drawing the eye up her million-dollar (once-insured) legs. But wait. There’s more to this show. She glides her skirt up to just below the derriere, and voila, and embroidered hand cleverly holds up the seam.

“Isn’t that sweet? Those are the things you can make happen when you’re in someone’s presence,” she explains.

She has the potency of Cleopatra, the dramatic chic of Edith Head, the moves of Balanchine and the comportment of a quintessential first lady, seasoned with a pinch of catnip. What a marvelous bundle of mixed messages! Can you be ladylike and seductive at the same time?...