Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Then there's Facebook

If you check FACEBOOK for some of the Sweethearts of 60's TV, who were in my book of that title, you won't see them. Or much of them. Dawn Wells posts rarely, if there's a TV appearance or memorabilia show. Her "friends" list is private. Barbara Feldon barely bothers with Facebook at all, and years can go by without a post. Barbara Eden's official page doesn't have a "friends" list either, and posts happy pictures of what she's up to. This includes photos of herself with vintage celebrity friends like Jerry Mothers, or a photo of herself reading Tippi Hedren's book. No pix of ordinary people wanting her to promote their drawings, photos or products. Tina Louise likewise has no "friends" list and doesn't interact with fanboys who leave comments. Her page gives people recent photos of herself and her daughter Caprice but keeps a good distance between herself and goofballs.

But you CAN find Julie on Facebook, answering even the silliest of questions, promoting the likes of Dita Von Teese, or Facebook friends such as Sean Black and Gene Hamm. Like Cher, she's not afraid to embrace the "gay icon" tag. While there are so many diseases that one acquires simply by heredity (CMT, Down Syndrome etc.) or by quirks nobody understands (cancer, Alzheimer's) Julie's charity is AIDS, the one disease that these days can be avoided by using condoms or not sharing needles. It's rare to acquire it from blood transfusions, as was apparently the case with Amanda Blake and Arthur Ashe.

So, while Newmar News is still around for professional news, memorabilia dates and posts of interesting YouTube items and other tributes, fans most certainly should check out the fabulous, fabulous world of FACEBOOK.