Friday, May 19, 2017

Real News, Fox News, and the Joys of Pedophilia

Bill O'Reilly is out, Roger Ailes is dead, so why not remember a happier time...when "BATMAN" was on the air?

The Fox website just offered up an interview with Julie...

Leave it to Fox to lead with, what, a vaguely pedophile interest in "sexual awakenings?" The first pubic hairs? That a 14 year-old has discovered an interest in a woman twice his age? Verrrrry interesting. Oh, wrong catch-phrase. Holy Pedo!

Eventually the Fox interviewer left the topic of first turn-ons and concentrated on the undeniable fact that it's much more fun to tune in "Batman" reruns, or most any classic TV reruns, then check out the Nightly News.

The usual questions were asked: how did you get to be Catwoman, who is the best Batman, etc. etc., but if the alternative is to wonder what motivates Putin, Kim Jung-Un or Trump...yes, might as well wonder what fabric that Catwoman suit was made out of. Although that COULD keep you up at night, too.

In the end, one needs to be down to Earth. What goes on in cyberspace, or the White House or the Kremlin is beyond our control, but we can tend our own garden. Or some neighbor's garden. In which case, why not plant the seeds of...the Julie Newmar daylily? Seems like this is the perfect (oh, make that purrrrrfect) time of year to get dirty the right way.

Yes, indeed, the tales that males 13 to 16 tell about getting horny for an older woman in a catsuit are pretty down and dirty. Better to get down and in the dirt, and create something beautiful. (PS, there's also a Julie Newmar rose).

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Julie and a statuesque Catwoman statue

Not all CATWOMAN statues are created purrrrfectly.
Congrats to Sideshow Collectibles!