Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Saatchiart.com Julie Photoshop Pictures Still Available

Kudos to all the clever Facebookers who leave their witty comments for Julie.

It’s nice that they take time from their busy, busy days to do that. Special kudos to the clever Dan Curley, who often leaves several clever comments on the same post!

Here’s a post about Julie’s Photoshop jobs which can be bought at SAATCHIart.com, which is called “the world’s leading art gallery.” They are quite exclusive. Not everybody can have their art work displayed there. You have to register first.

The Limited Edition Photoshop jobs (a vintage picture of Julie overlayed with flowers) are about $2.000, and are signed.

Surely all the fine people who left such clever comments have bought these. There are still a few copies available, so visit the site. Meanwhile, thanks again for the clever comments.