Monday, July 25, 2011


There's a fashion statement for you! Julie table-hops following the "Batman 45th Anniversary" hour, produced by cable's The Hub network, and co-featuring both Adam West and Burt Ward. While Comic-Con was pushing all the latest sci-fi heroes and upcoming movies, fans were pushing for more memorabilia on the original BATMAN show.

Adam's latest work of iterature is "The Misadventures of Adam West" comic book. And Julie, of course...has explained life on Earth via her new "Conscious Catwoman" book.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Go "Streetwalkin'" with Julie

Apparently Melissa Leo's Academy Award victory inspired studios to look for DVD re-issue items on her. So, finally, August 2nd, you'll be able to get a perfect digital copy of "Streetwalkin'" to replace that old VHS tape.

As the New York Post reported, "prepare to see a brand new side of Academy Award winner Melissa Leo. The backside. And the frontside. Melissa Leo (in her first lead role) plays Cookie -- a teenage runaway who gets drawn into the dangerous world of prostitution when she falls for a pimp.

The film co-stars screen legend Julie Newmar...and features a commentary from writer/director Joan Freeman."

Indeed "screen legend" Julie Newmar! She plays "Queen Bee," a veteran hooker who befriends the naive newcomer. In promoting its original release, Julie appeared on New York's local WNBC 6pm news, telling interviewer Chuck Scarborough that she wore a man's overcoat tried and be inconspicuous as she studied how the girls "did business on Park Avenue (South)." Chuck had many more questions...till co-anchor Sue Simmons roped him into continuing with the hard news.

In the film, Julie steals many a scene by showing up on street corners in the black of night wearing red lingerie.

Melissa may be a Leo, but the lady catting around to purr-fection in those prowling scenes in "Streetwalkin'" is Julie!