Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun in Toronto

Julie's just returned from the Chicago and Toronto signings. And here's a nice e-mail received:

I was three or four years old (I am forty-five now) and was enraptured by the Catwoman, the most beautiful woman in the world. I remember feeling funny sensations in my stomach and heart when I watched you, enthralled, on television. I wanted so much to be Robin, so that I would be captured by the Catwoman and get to hang out with you. I didn't even know that television was not real and I would try different ways to get inside the TV set to meet you. Thankfully my parents, striving to save me from electrocution, explained to me the folly of trying to pull our TV apart. They told me you were in Hollywood, which inevitably led me to constantly beg them in a futile effort to drive me there to see you (Hollywood's a long way from Nova Scotia).

Yesterday (Sunday), I brought my eight year old son to Fan Expo in Toronto. I had no idea you were scheduled to be there. I wish I did know, for I certainly would have attended wearing something more appropriate than a t-shirt and jeans and I would have shaved off my beard. After all, one should not look like a troglodyte in the presence of a screen goddess, let alone be photographed with her. My son was very shy and could hardly speak because he was also thrilled to meet you. It was the first time we have seen you in person; you are the epitome of a beautiful woman.

Ms. Newmar, you still reign supreme as the hottest woman to ever grace the television/movie screen.

God bless and my best wishes to you,