Sunday, December 14, 2014


Holy Chardonnay!

You can now fill your long-stemmed glass with absolute class; Julie Newmar wine.

It's purrr-fect for relaxing during a "Batman" re-run. Sip enough and the lady across from you may turn into "Stupefyin' Jones." Sitting alone with a shapely bottle, and you may envision you're quenching with the wench of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," delightful Dorcas.

Whatever your favorite Julie role, this wine could take you to "The Twilight Zone," or on a "Star Trek," or simply thinking, "Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar!"

It's a win-wine situation.

The wine has a bit of everything, including "a silky texture - with rich pear, lemon cream and honeyed flavors - that linger in a long leggy finish."

A truly fine vintage needs to age a while, and the idea for this exquisite wine fermented in the mind of John Newmeyer for many decades. John, of course is Julie's big brother. He's the grower behind Heron Lake Winery, and along with David Mahafee (officially "the vintner") they've created something that brings out the ecstatic or the erotic, and either a feeling of warmth or a fit of the giggles (or both).

What else could you want? Well, maybe someone in Colorado will come up with Marijuana-go-Round Brownies, to honor Julie's Tony-award winning Broadway role as Katrin. But for now, you'll have to figure out your own snack to eat while being merry with Julie Newmar wine: