Monday, July 16, 2012

New Catwoman? Darwin Was Wrong...

Seems like every time there's a new Catwoman, everyone comes scampering to Julie! She's once again getting interview requests from journalists wanting the opinions of the original (and usually proclaimed "best ever") Catwoman.

From Booth Moore, LA Times: "Who was the best Catwoman...My money is on first feline Julie Newmar...she understood sex appeal."

The New York Post (July 15) agreed and asked, "let’s face it, doesn’t sexuality have something to do with the popularity of the character?" They printed her reply:

“Hello? What kind of dumb question is that?” says Newmar, who designed her own costume when she played Catwoman on TV from 1966-67. “I won’t even answer that.”

Speaking of costumes, poor Anne Hathaway did have a struggle to look good in hers. The Post notes she needed a special trainer and diet, and quotes her: “If you had to wear a cat suit in front of the entire world, I guarantee you would get your butt to the gym.”

Julie's not proprietary about the role. She's always welcomed the new gal on the block or litter box. Another Post quote:

"“Of course Catwoman is more popular than Batman,” Julie Newmar, who played the character in the 1960s TV series, tells The Post. “Catwoman’s her own boss, she makes up her own mind. Catwoman will go on just about forever.”