Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LA Times: Original Catwoman's the BEST!

With all the buzz, purrs and yes, few groans over Anne Hathaway being chosen as the screen's latest Catwoman, the L.A. Times has declared "the best" was "first feline Julie Newmar."

The full article is here:

Writer Booth Moore talks up Julie's forthcoming book from Santa Monica Press ("Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth") as well as the fast-selling Katy Perry-worthy fashion t-shirts with Julie's image. Moore also points out some lesser known facts, including Julie's impact on designer Thierry Mugler's success: "...honestly, where would Mugler have been if not for his Catwoman-like" outfits?

While the L.A. Times isn't looking forward to what many feel will be a blandly insipid version of Catwoman, well below the Pfeiffer and Berry screen versions, the optimistic quote from Julie on Hathaway is: "She's going to be marvelous." OK, Julie, but that's not the same as purrrrr-fect!