Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Cat's Meow" T-Shirts!

If the Catwoman's gotten under your skin, why not put her on your skin, as well?

Over at "" they've got some passionately fashionable catty cat-Tees that feature our favorite feline femme fatale.

Cat's Meow Shirt
Cat's Meow Shirt 2

Holy Shirts! (Well, not if you put mothballs in the closet). These items are the latest in cat couture, the perfect beastas for the fashionistas, and powerfully purrful apparel.

Bar-hopping is out, but undulating is if you're Desperately Seeking Slinking, this is the shirt that will get you through the velvet rope and among the swingin' kittens.

Every eye will be glued to your shirt! (Eyebrows optional.)